Traffic Ticket Process

The 98th District Court Traffic Division receives and processes tickets, also known as civil infractions. The person who receives the ticket is the defendant. All defendants must take action by admitting or denying the ticket within 10 calendar days.

Options for answering the charges: 
Admit responsibility without explanation 
Admit Responsibility with an explanation 
Deny Responsibility

Fines and Costs
The schedule of fines for the most commonly issued 98th District Court traffic offenses. If you received a traffic offense for which the fine is not listed, please contact the 98th District Court traffic division at (906) 667-1138. Please note that the following charges apply to payments received within 10 days of the date of offense.

How to Pay
The 98th District Court accepts cash, checks / money orders and credit cards. Learn about payments. 
You may pay traffic tickets in full online at
You may pay some misdemeanors in full online at
By paying a ticket via this Web site, the defendant is admitting responsibility for the ticket and is waiving his/her right to a hearing. Once a defendant admits responsibility for a ticket, if applicable for the offense listed on the ticket, an abstract is processed with Secretary of State to assess points on the defendant's driving record.
Pay by check or money order. No out-of-town checks accepted . 
Refund Policy: We do NOT issue refunds for  payment. However, if you have a question concerning your payment and/or wish to inquire about a potential refund for some reason please contact the court. 
Privacy Policy: Your payment information will be kept confidential, and will not be shared or used for any other purpose other than the purpose of the payment transaction. 
Payment must be made within ten (10) days.

The court has no jurisdiction in this area. Points are added by the Secretary of State as required by law. More information regarding points can be obtained online from,1607,7-127-1627_8665_9066-23757--,00.html