Pretrial Services Division
The Pretrial Services Division provides supervision of defendants, charged with a high-court misdemeanor or felony offense(s), released into the community while their criminal case(s) is pending, and who have been court-ordered to report to Pretrial Services.

Pretrial Services Investigators monitor compliance to bond conditions and court appearances for defendants while their case(s) are pending in a pretrial status.

Pretrial Services Investigators report incidents of non-compliance to bond conditions to the Court.  A defendant’s overall adherence to bond conditions may be provided to the Court through a “Pretrial Services Supervision Summary Report”.

Pretrial Services Investigators facilitate the placement of defendants into court-ordered alcohol and / or drug testing programs, electronic monitoring services, and other related conditions of bond release. 

Pretrial Supervision provides additional services for defendants including; court date notifications, court appointed counsel information, out-of-state travel requests, and change in contact information forms.


If you have been referred to the District Court Probation department for a Pre-Sentence Interview (PSI), please fill out this packet prior to the date of your scheduled PSI.  This information will assist the probation officer in making recommendations to the Judge regarding your sentence.  It is important that you provide complete and accurate information.  Once you have completed, save the form and email it to the probation officer you were assigned to