Poverty Exemptions

Poverty Exemptions


Michigan law (MCL 211.7u) provides for a reduction in property taxes for eligible, low-income homeowners.  Every city, village, and township must offer an application process and set eligibility requirements that are no more restrictive than the federal poverty guidelines.

Contact your local assessor to request a poverty exemption application and instructions.  You can expect to be asked for the following:

Proof that you own the property as your principal residence (having a mortgage is okay) 

Documentation of your income and the income of other members of your household.  Copies of your most recent income tax return are best.  If you are not required to file income taxes, you may complete an exemption affidavit.

Information about other bank accounts and other assets that you might own.

Information about the other members of your household.

Submit your application for the Board of Review.  Hearings are held in March, July, and December.  Ask your local assessor when your application materials are due.  Poverty exemptions or reductions are for one year at a time so you will need to apply every year if you are eligible.