Prosecutor's Office

Prosecutors Office 
Phone Number: (906) 667-0471
Fax Number: (906) 667-1102

Hours of service: CST

Staff Names and Titles:
Nick Jacobs
Prosecuting Attorney

Tracie Wittla
Chief Assistant Prosecuting Attorney

Joey Cvengros
Office Manager/Legal Secretary 

Amber Hendrickson
Victim Advocate/Legal Secretary/Child Support Specialist 

Some services that this department offers include Criminal prosecution, child abuse/neglect prosecution, and child support establishment.

A Prosecuting Attorney is an attorney at law elected by the public for the prosecution of persons accused of crimes. This person represents the state and county in matters, both civil and criminal, in which the state and county are concerned. The Prosecutor is a public officer belonging to the judicial department.

The Office of the Prosecuting Attorney is a constitutional one with duties as prescribed by law. The statutes provide that prosecuting attorneys have the duty, in their respective counties, of appearing for the state or county and prosecuting or defending in all prosecutions, suits, applications, and motions, whether civil or criminal, in which the state or county may be a party or interested.

In the prosecution of criminal cases, the Prosecuting Attorney is required to issue a warrant if he/she is convinced after presentation of evidence that criminal prosecution should be undertaken. The Prosecutor is then required to appear for the people in the appropriate court to handle the case as it comes up for court action.

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