Gogebic County Equalization

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Monday - Friday
8:30 - 4:30 CDT
200 N. Moore Street                                
Bessemer, MI 49911                                 

The Equalization Department advises and assists the Board of Commissioners in equalizing property tax assessments on a county-wide basis.  In conformance with state directives, the Department conducts annual sales and appraisal studies.  These studies are used to equalize assessed values for each class of property in each of the nine local units of government within Gogebic County. The Department assists local assessing officers in the discovery, listing and valuation of properties for tax purposes and in the development and use of valuation standards and techniques for the assessment of property. Additionally, the Department performs data maintenance for the countywide data base which includes processing transfer documents from the Register of Deeds.  This will ensure the most up to date ownership, names, addresses and legal descriptions.

PLEASE NOTE: The local municipalities employ their own assessors. The county itself does not do the property tax assessments. The county also does not handle zoning related issues. Your local city or township deals with zoning. 

The Equalization Department, along with Coleman Engineering, take pride in the maintenance of the county wide GIS system in data and shape files.

GIS Map System

Equalization Director     
Kathy Jo Koval

Tina Romosz
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