911 Committee Members
 Brandon Snyder, Chairman
 Don Horn, Vice Chairman
 Nick Christ
 Jim Byrns
 Bruce Mahler
 Pete Matonich
 Brandon Tauer - Alt
 Ted Finco
 Larry Grimsby
 Joel Bach
 Adam Clemens
 Matt Sterbenz - Alt
 LEPC Committee
 Brandon Snyder, Chairman
 Ken Jacobson, Vice Chairman
 Robert Dorgan
 Brian Trekas
 Joe Bonovetz
 Randy Forstrom
 Brandon Tauer
 Don Horn
 Karen Raisanen-Wilke
 Deb Trekas
 Heidi DeRosso
 Scott Carlson
 Mark Ahonen

Staff Names:
Heidi DeRosso

Andrew Westeen
Assistant Coordinator

The 911 Coordinator and staff work together with the cities and townships within Gogebic County to review addressing issues such as routing and mapping (MSAG), and delegate them to the correct department for resolution. The cities and townships are responsible for assigning addresses to all structures within Gogebic County.

The Emergency Management Coordinator and staff perform administrative and technical work in development, implementation and coordination of Gogebic County’s emergency management program.  Our office reviews and develops current and new plans and procedures as needed in Emergency Management and Hazmat.  We organize disaster and exercise drills and make improvements to the county plan as needed. 

2020 Tentative 911 Committee Meetings
March 11th

2020 Tentative LEPC Committee Meetings
May 11th
August 10th
November 9th