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Friend of Court Office 
Phone Number: (906)-667-0218
Fax Number: (906)-667-1145

Hours of service: CST

Staff names and titles:
Linda Dean
Friend of the Court

Patti Ceccon
Case Worker

Stacie Rooni
Case Worker

Samantha Olson
Case Worker

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Linda Dean
ADA Contact 
The Friend of the Court Office was created in 1919 by Michigan law. There is one office serving each circuit court in the state.

The Friend of the Court has the following duties:
Conduct investigations and make a recommendation to the court regarding custody, parenting and child support. Offer mediation as an optional way of settling disagreements over custody or visitation of children. Collect, record and disburse support payments as ordered by the court.

Provide enforcement services on custody, visitation and support orders entered by the court.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I receive my child support payment?
Child support payments are received in the morning and are sent out daily. Once our office gets the payment, it is disbursed the very same day.

What happens if I don’t get a payment?
Notify the Friend of the Court Office if you do not receive a payment. The Friend of the Court does not have a fund to make payments to custodial parents. The child support payment must be received before we disburse the money to the custodial parent.

Will I get a court appointed attorney for my divorce?
You must hire your own attorney. The court will not appoint an attorney for a divorce hearing.

How much child support will I receive?
Child support is based on the income of both parents, the number of children involved and normal deductions for childcare, union dues and medical insurance’s. The information provided is input into the Michigan Guideline computer program and the program provides a standardized amount of child support. You will receive more information at your first Friend of the Court appointment.

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