Answer to questions about Wills

What happens if I die without a will?

What can I accomplish by making out a will?

Does having a will avoid probate procedures after my death?

What property is not subject to probate procedures?

If property is specified in my will, can I give it away or sell it during my life?

Are there different types of wills?

What are some of the things I can accomplish through using a statutory will?

Are there any reasons for me NOT to use the statutory will provided in this web-site?

I have a wife and two young children. Might a statutory will be appropriate for my purposes?

I would like to leave my favorite niece an antique brooch. Can I do this with a statutory will?

I am a widow with no children. Could a statutory will be appropriate for me?

I own a house, a condominium, and much stock. Should I use a statutory will?

I am married for the second time and my husband and I each have children from our first marriages. Would a statutory will be appropriate for my purposes?

I have rather complicated business interests, which I wish to pass on through my will. Would a statutory will be appropriate for my purposes?

What should I do if a statutory will doesn't meet my needs?

How can I find a good lawyer?

How do I use the statutory will form?

Can a statutory will be a joint will?

May I use a statutory will form and yet leave no cash gifts? (Article 2.1)

How do I go about preparing a list of personal items? (Article 2.2)

What is the purpose of Article 2.3?

Need I complete Article 3.2 if all of my children are over 18?

How do I decide whether to have my personal representative serve with or without bond? (Article 3.3)

Who may be a witness to my will?

After the will is completed, where should I keep it?

Can I make changes to my statutory will?

If I move from Michigan would my statutory will still be valid?