Sheriff's Office

Phone Number: (906) 667-0203
Fax Number: (906) 663-4090

Hours of service: CST
24 hour service

Staff names and titles:

Pete Matonich
Ross Solberg 
Sgt. George Beninghaus
Det. Sgt. Jorge Cruz
Sgt. Jay Kangas,
Jail administrator

For Current Information and Events

The Gogebic County Sheriff’s Office vows to continue a centuries old commitment to provide professional law enforcement services to all citizens of Gogebic County.

The Sheriff and his Deputies are responsible for enforcement of federal, state and county laws, including local ordinances.  We investigate crimes, accidents, and apprehend criminals.  The Sheriff also operates the county jail including dispatching for emergency services such as fire and ambulance.  The Sheriff’s Office serves at the pleasure of the courts, provides security, serves civil process, enforces court orders, and warrants.  Through contractual agreements, the Sheriff’s Office provides primary law enforcement services to both the Cities of Bessemer and Wakefield and the Gogebic Iron County Airport during scheduled flights.  The Sheriff's Office provides court ordered transportation service to Gogebic County Community Mental Health patients at various institutions both in and out of state. The Sheriff's Office also employs a part time animal control officer partially funded through a tax payer voted animal control millage.

Detective / Investigation                                        Child Safety Seat Technicians
SWAT Team                                                            Off  Road Vehicle Patrol
G.I.A.N.T. Gogebic Iron Area Narcotics Team          Snowmobile Patrol
Crime Scene / Evidence Technicians                        Marine Patrol
Accident Investigator                                              Search and Rescue
Victim Services Unit

Inmate visitation is held twice weekly…Tuesday night from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. for inmates with their last name beginning with A through L and  Thursday night, for inmates with their last name beginning with M through Z.  It’s suggested you phone prior to arrival as changes and cancellations do sometimes occur.

Gogebic County Animal Control Ordinance

Should you want to report suspected drug activity anonymously, you can email by clicking on the link or by phoning our tip line @ 1-855-644-4219

Sheriff Pete Matonich
Undersheriff Ross C. Solberg
Sgt. Jay Kangas…Jail Administrator
D/Sgt. Jorge Cruz…Investigator
Sgt. George Beninghaus…Corrections/Dispatch…Road Patrol...Night Shift Supervisor
Deputy Brandon Lyons…Recreational Officer…Firearms Instructor…SWAT
Deputy Donald Cvengros…Road Patrol…SWAT
Deputy Jake Bucknell…Road Patrol…Accident Investigator
Deputy Brandon Tauer…Courthouse Security...Information Technology
Deputy Daniel McRae…Road Patrol…Firearms Instructor
Deputy Michael Tulppo…Road Patrol
Deputy Jessie Yesney…Road Patrol…Evidence Technician
Deputy Josh Elias…Road Patrol…Patrol Rifle Armorer
Deputy Scott Voit…Corrections/Dispatch…Evidence Technician…Child Safety Seat Technician
Deputy Deb Morrison…Corrections/Dispatch…Evidence Technician
Deputy Sue Cestkowski…Corrections/Dispatch
Deputy Trevor Jackovich…Corrections/Dispatch…Taser Instructor
Deputy Brandon Vukusich…Corrections/Dispatch
Deputy Tiffany Maki…Corrections/Dispatch
Deputy Adam Zak…Road Patrol…SWAT
Deputy Lucis Bucknell…Corrections/Dispatch…Road Patrol
Deputy Cody Smith…Road Patrol
Deputy Travis Boetto…Corrections/Dispatch
Deputy Anthony Beaudette...Road Patrol...Animal Control Officer